Investment Philosophy

Preserver Partners’ philosophy is to preserve capital and generate long-term absolute positive returns with low volatility and correlation to public markets. Preserver Partners seeks to generate high current income across asset classes, strategies and capital structure and provide downside protection through investment selection and risk-based portfolio construction.


Broad Universe and Flexible Mandate

We invest across asset classes and capital structures seeking undervalued securities with equity-like return and bond-like risk. We believe a broader universe and flexible mandate increases the likelihood that we will find attractive investments.


Alternative Income Investors

We seek to invest in high-income marketable alternative portfolios and securities.


Income Generation

We seek uncorrelated sources of income generation. For most asset classes except private equity, income (interest or reinvested dividends) is a significant contributor to long-term returns.


Avoid Over-Diversification

We do not believe in over-diversification in terms of the number of securities owned or the number of strategies employed in the Fund. Over-diversification can increase portfolio risk as the underlying securities and strategies become more correlated to downside market risk.


Alignment of Interests

We invest alongside of fund investors. Employees are not allowed to have any other substantial holdings of marketable securities.